Five Tips to Melt Visceral Fat and Have a Defined Belly

Beating Fat by Understanding the Fat Metabolism

Undoubtedly, visceral body fat poses health risks. Tapping into our belly fat can be challenging if we don’t meet the fat-burning requirements of the body.

Abdominal fat is extra obstinate due to the hormonal effects of insulin and cortisol hormones coded in our survival system. However, with a few practical lifestyle adjustments, it is possible to melt visceral fat and prevent its accumulation.

Best Diet Tips

Blood Sugar and Insulin Control

Ironically, excessive sugar can turn into fat when our muscles and other organs cannot accept elevated glucose in the bloodstream By reducing sugar intake from carbs, we can significantly decrease insulin secretion after each meal.

Even though proteins also raise insulin spikes, the effect is not as high as carbs, as proteins are digested at a much slower rate than carbs. Healthy fats have the lowest impact on insulin spikes.

Therefore, I prefer consuming healthy fats to carbs for calories as an energy source. Some people are more tolerant of carbs metabolism, so choosing fat or carbs is an individual matter based on advice from qualified dieticians.

When we reduce sugar consumption, the pancreas creates less insulin. Therefore, our bodies can stay insulin sensitive. There are, of course, several other factors raising insulin. However, sugar has the most effect.

Thus, it can be a low-hanging fruit to prevent insulin resistance by reducing sugar intake. Tapping into fat stores can be much more efficient when insulin is under control.

Getting Fat Adapted

The most efficient way to melt visceral fat is going into a fat-adapted state. This means that the body uses stored fat as an energy source, especially when it is not. Therefore, time-restricted eating is ideal for losing fat without losing muscles as it puts us into a better hormonal balance.

Moderate Exercise and Little Fasted-Cardio

In addition to moderate exercise in resistance training and cardio, adding 20 minutes of fasted cardio, especially in the morning on an empty stomach, can create an opportunity to tap into fat stores.

Customized and Clean Diet

A clean diet means refraining from processed foods with no nutritional value. For example, some food such as sugar has excessive calories but has very little nutritional value.

Junk food, especially from fast food stores, causes many health issues. For example, harmful additives and fried fat from fast foods might cause inflammation and prevent the body from a fat-burning state.

Reducing Elevated Cortisol Levels

Cortisol is a hormone initiated as a protective mechanism when our bodies experience stress.

In moderate amounts, cortisol is a valuable hormone. However, a hormonal imbalance can pose several health risks when cortisol levels pass the threshold.


Our health is not theory. The body knows what is essential and what is not.

Learning about the importance of eating fat to get into the fat-adapted state was the best investment in my health journey.

We regret the fear of eating healthy fat and ruining my metabolism with junk carbs in my juvenile years.

However, We are grateful to unlearn wrong information and learn more vital information, which helped me transform my health to the desired state. It was better to find the truth later than never.

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