Best Hospitality Marketing Strategies

When we were in school, we all have learned that food, water, and shelter are the three basic needs of human beings.

The internet is the newest addition to this list. Nowadays, people rely on the internet for everything.

From a nearby tea stall to a hospitality miles away from your current location, the internet has answers to your every question.

To put in one line, ‘Internet is an Epitome of Information.’ To find a hospitality at any location, the very first thing you do is search ‘Best Hospitality’s In Bali.’ And you’d be looking for three factors before making a reservation –

  • Price Range
  • Guest Reviews
  • Hospitality’s Website

Your hospitality’s search ranking depends purely on visibility, resulting from algorithms, quality content, and how visitors engage with your website.

Your ranking on Google depends on visibility. This online visibility depends on your hospitality’s digital marketing strategies.

You might have many questions now.

  1. What is digital marketing? How to do it?
  2. How will it benefit me more?

What is Hospitality Digital Marketing?

Hospitality digital marketing (also known as online hospitality marketing or hospitality marketing) means building and maintaining your hospitality’s presence online.

These hospitality digital marketing strategies include social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and other search engines.

Consequently, it would help if you accepted that hospitality digital marketing gets you more bookings, better visibility, and a stable brand name in the market.

Why is it Important to Have Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Hospitality?

In today’s era, most visitors search for hospitality’s and other services they provide.

With a good hospitality online marketing strategy, you’ll be able to approach all these potential guests and build a loyal customer base for your business.

Guest’s journey begins by discovering your hospitality on social channels or organic search like on Google, Yahoo, and more.

Digital marketing strategies for the hospitality business should encompass search engine optimization and numerous paid and organic channels to give your hospitality visibility throughout the research, consideration, and final booking phase.

Being visible on these channels is more important than ever. We are listing out some of the best strategies you should implement for best results.

6 Best Hospitality Online Marketing Strategies

1. Google My Business

Before the internet era, people used “Yellow Pages” for searching for any business information.

‘Yellow Pages’ was a directory that registered all kinds of business. From a plumber to a government official, everyone was on it.

Well, this concept became a thing of the past as the internet, and ultimately search engines, dawned upon us.

Now everybody wants to get their business registered on Google. From a barbershop to the world’s tallest hospitality, Best Digital Marketing Agency lists every business.

As a who wants to start online marketing strategies, you might have these questions.

– How do I list my hospitality on Google?

Is it free of cost?

The answer to your second question is – ‘Yes, Registering your Hospitality on Google is free!’

For the first question, let me take you through the step-by-step process, also discussing various features to enhance it.

Google My Business, also known as GMB, is like creating an E-Card for your business.

It helps to bridge the gap between business owners and end-users.

Basically, before making a booking, guests search for any property they’d be staying at, from facilities to star categories, ratings, reviews to photos, the price range to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), a potential guest searches all.

To start with the listing part, install “Google My Business” on your smartphones for easy updates anytime.

You can also opt for a website version. Once installed, all you need to do is fill up the registration form with required information such as the hospitality’s name, star category, location, & facilities.

It is essential to check the contact details of your hospitality. A wrong location and contact no. Impacts search results and booking flow.

2. SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

Performing a good SEO will rank your hospitality higher on the search engines, thus giving you the visibility your hospitality needs.

Above all, you need to strengthen your online presence. But how’d you done that? Here’s a solution for that.

It’s a downloadable guide that explains how to improve OTA rankings, booking engine performance, review management, and 100 other essential aspects of your online presence.

Hospitality’s appearing in top search results invest more on their SEO part. However, some go for paid or, as we call them, organic listings.

But do you know, there is a secret trick which usually none of the hospitalities follows? It’s called local SEO.

Local SEO

So, what is local SEO?

This part of SEO focuses on the visibility of your business in local search results. For example, let’s say you have a hospitality in Bali.

So the local SEO keeps focusing on your hospitality to be in ‘hospitality’s near me’ or ‘hospitality’s in Bali’ results. The task is quite simple.

Just mention places near your hospitality from Google maps in about us or fact sheets.

This could be anything from a famous landmark to any specific road. Post that, you can optimize those keywords for better search results.

Maintain your online reputation

Overriding any belief you might have in your mind for your hospitality’s online reputation, you need to accept the fact that the hospitality industry was, is, and will be revolving around guest satisfaction.

Besides, these online reviews are the key elements these days. All your guests – current and future ones- will check those reviews and ratings to decide on their stay with you.

That’s why maintaining your online reputation is an essential aspect of your hospitality’s digital marketing.

Additionally, keep a close track of your ratings and critical review sites and determine your goal firmly where you want to be!

Set an objective of what you want your guests to say about your hospitality once they leave. Hence, a well-maintained online hospitality reputation will help you get more bookings.

4. Social Media

Presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is not new. But, making the most of that and utilizing it to their best potential is what you need in your digital marketing strategies for hospitality’s. Secondly, going live on these platforms is one practical approach to increasing your followers’ engagement.

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the effective online marketing strategies for hospitality’s.

It is a tool that a hospitality can use to attract a vast audience. Hospitality’s contact an influencer who can affect the purchase decisions of others.

However, it’s an easy option for hospitality’s as an influencer has a good reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a particular topic.

Influencers can help you by posting your hospitality on their preferred social media channels and engaging their followers on your blog.

6. Ads and Ads

Next, we talk about Metasearch Engines, Google Hospitality Ads, TripAdvisor, and Bookingcom.

Believe it or not, listing on these metasearch engines will boost your visibility and improve your brand value.

Though, being available on metasearch would need you to be open to receiving direct bookings.

The more direct bookings you get, the more you’ll be pushed up in the industry, especially when I talk about Google Hospitality Ads.

It’s gradually proving to be Google’s savior in disguise for hospitality’s struggling to reduce dependency on the OTAs.


Best Digital marketing strategies for hospitality’s play a vital role in revenue generation.

Of course, there are bigger and better players coming into the market. Relatively, guests are demanding more and more personalization. Today, guests want friendly websites to work with.

Because they’re becoming exceedingly tech-savvy and are not willing to compromise on the quality of offerings from hospitalities, use digital marketing for hospitality’s to ensure that all channels are put to maximum use.

So, try these ways for your hospitality’s digital marketing to get more bookings this year. And take a step further in the industry above your competition.